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 How To keep songs and movies ??

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How To keep songs and movies ?? Empty
PostSubject: How To keep songs and movies ??   How To keep songs and movies ?? I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 6:09 pm

Actually keeping songs mean dat keeping the links of that
So now lets see how to keep a song in a topic.
The Basic requirement to keep a song is "winrar" software
You can download it from here:-
Quote :

After downloadin immediately INSTALL it.
For Eg :
1.You have a 2 songs "Mr.Perfect,I Love u...from Aarya-2" to be put in ur topic.
2.Let us think that they are kept in a folder called "Aarya-2" in "E:/" drive.
(Let the folder is wit a memory of 20MB lets think..)
3.Now go to "E:/" drive.
4.Right click on "Aarya-2" folder
5.Click on the option "Add to archive 'Aarya-2.rar' "
6.Now that folder is converted into a rar file.
7.This newly created rar file shud be uploaded to sites like: or
**Registration in these sites is compulsory**
**If not ur upload will be deleted.Be careful.**
8.After uploadin those sites provide links which u shud
post in ur topic
9.That's it.Whenever other users wanted to download that
songs,They will simply clik the links and download.

[NOTE:This above procedure can be applied if we want to upload
a file below 200MB.For uploadin above 200MB then follow the below

For uploads Greater than 200 MB :-
If ther is a folder called "Movie" wch consists of a movie of 440MB,
then we shud create only 200MB rar files to upload in such sites.
For that do like this:-
1.Right click on the folder and click on "Add to archive"
2.Then type "209715200" in the box "Split to volumes,bytes"
[200MB = 209715200bytes]
3.That means here we splitted the movie into 200 or <200mb files
which can be uploaded to those sites.
4.For this example,three rar files are created (i)Movie.part1 [200MB]
(ii)Movie.part2 [200MB]
(iii)Movie.part3 [40MB]

5.These three files are uploaded seperately and links are pasted..
6.That's it !!
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How To keep songs and movies ??
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